CBSE Books & Supporting Material


CBSE Class X Support Material (prepared by KVs)

  • English Communicative
  • Science
  • Maths

CBSE Class IX Books

  • CBSE Class IX Arabic Text Book
  • CBSE Class IX French Language – Entre Jeunes (Learn more of french)
  • CBSE Class IX Formative Assessment English Course
  • CBSE Class IX Practical Skills in Science & Tech
  • CBSE Class XI – Guidelines for Mathematics Laboratory in Schools

CBSE Class X Books

  • Revised CCE Manual for classes IX and X (Applicable for class IX from April 2011 and for class X 2012)
  • CBSE Class X Interact in English Workbook
  • CBSE Class X Interaction in English Literature Reader
  • CBSE Class X Performance Analysis of Students in Mathematics
  • CBSE Class X Assessment of Practical Skill in Science
  • CBSE Class X Assessment of Practical Skills in Science
  • CBSE Class X Practical Skills in Science & Technology

CBSE Class XI Books

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Compute Science
  • Literature Reader – Functional English Class XI : Unit 1 and Unit 2

CBSE Class XII Books

  • Biotechnology Text Book
  • Computer Science
  • Fashion Studies Text Book | Practical Manual
  • Language Skills Book – Functional English
  • Library and Information Science
  • Literature Reader – Functional English

CBSE Class VIII Books

  • Science – Learning by doing (Hindi Version) 

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